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Our trip to the garage

We had a super trip to the garage on New Road. We helped John and Mr Biscuits fix a car by raising it on the ramp and putting air in the tyres. We had a careful look down the pit and found our how cars are tested for their yearly MOT. Many thanks to all the parents who helped on the trip and a special thanks to the staff at the New Road Service Station for letting us visit.



Climbing, traveling, rolling and balancing on the apparatus.


Chinese New Year CelebrationsĀ 

We have been finding out about Chinese New Year. We have made fortune cookies and danced as dragons. We have a Chinese take away for our role play and have found out why the years were named  after animals.









A visit from the Watford schools trust.

We sang a song, read a story and made shakers. 


Making number wheels with numicon.


Making sandwiches for a picnic.

Just like Baby Bear in ‘Whatever Next’ we had a picnic on the moon. We made the sandwiches and shared Them with our friends.


Making numbers in busy fingers, space play after reading Whatever Next and planes on the runway.


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